CheckTLS Monitoring Setup Walk Through

Outlined below are the steps, with screen shots, used to setup a Batch test and Monitor the result with a WebService. Click on any screen shot to enlarge it.

Choose Batch from the Tests menu
Click Enter New Test
Fill out the form like this
(this example tests three addresses)
Click Create Test
Click Edit Schedule
Fill out the form like this
(run the test every day at 4AM EST)
and click Save Schedule
The test should automatically validate
Click Return to Test List
Notice that the Last Run and Last Total columns on the right side of the table are blank.
Click Run Test Now
Wait a minute or two, then
Click Refresh List
Notice that Last Run and Last Total have data now.
Choose Monitor from the Tests menu
Fill out the form like this
(get your Corporate Password from
My Subscription)
and click Return Result
You should get something like this

That last URL is a WebService. How you call it depends on the programming language you are using, but from a Unix command prompt it looks like this:

$ curl -d USERCODE='CheckTLS User' -d PASSWORD=NotMyPassword -d TESTID=1
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <CheckTLS test="receiver">
    <Description>Demonstration Test</Description>
    <LastRun>2011-06-28 18:03:24</LastRun>