We help you make your email better:

  • Check how you get email
  • Check how you send email Try It
  • Watch over your email 24x7x365 (see Batch)
  • Give you tools to work on Internet servers

Our tests are non-invasive, non-intrusive, and non-obtrusive. They require no changes to your or any other system. They cause no extra processing and should not trip any security alarms.

And best of all, they are free for non-commercial use.

Why CheckTLS?

  • Make your email secure
  • Safeguard "Protected" information like PHI, PCI, PII
  • Comply with HIPAA/HITECH, DSS, NIST
  • Independent external monitoring of your email
  • Strengthen your security policy with regular, independent verification
  • No changes to your systems
  • Excellent first step into security devices and services
  • Demonstrates efforts and consideration toward security
  • We can help you with HIPAA/HITECH, DSS, NIST

Whether you are a small shop that needs something simple and low cost, a medium business that needs to beef up security to meet increasing scrutiny by your trading partners, or an enterprise organization that wants some oversight of many security facets, CheckTLS can solve many of your security challenges faster, easier, and at subtantially less cost.

With CheckTLS you can:

  • Grade (score) an email address for security
  • See how and why an address gets its grade
  • See how securely you send email
  • Check that Mandatory/Forced TLS is working
  • Create SSL certificates or decode them
  • Test services besides email
    (HTTP/S, IMAP/S, POP/S, FTP/S, client/server)
  • Packet sniff (watch) Internet connections

You can rely on CheckTLS

Our tests are well tested. We have been testing email systems for over six years. We do more than one million tests a year. We welcome feedback and suggestions. We research every reported “bug” to be sure our tests are accurate and descriptive.

Commercial use of CheckTLS

We are part of the security policies and operations of some very large and prestigious financial institutions, health care systems, insurance companies, and law firms. Why? Two reasons: our tests work and we save them money!

Our tests are simple and open. You can turn up the detail and audit everything we do. We have a five year record of tuning our tests to correctly report on all kinds of systems. Our tests work.

You can use CheckTLS instead of expensive email appliances or on-line email services to meet internal security requirements, contractual security requirements, and government security requirements. One less moving part in your email chain and one less expense. Our tests are an easy answer to PHI (HIPAA/HITEST), PCI (DSS), PII, US NIST requirements.

If you have extra in-line or on-line email security, CheckTLS can verify they're working and monitor them to be sure they keep working.

CheckTLS prioritizes business use of our site:

  • Run tests faster and at a higher priority
  • Program multiple tests, save them, and run them on a schedule
  • Monitor CheckTLS and your email (fail-safe monitoring)
  • Add custom test and/or monitor icons on your desktop or your phone
  • Use the CheckTLS API to automate testing and interface with your IT
  • Receive unlimited support
  • Meet requirements for Protected Information (PHI, PCI, PII, NIST, etc.)
  • Assistance and sample language for HIPAA and other compliance

Sleep securely knowing someone else is watching over your email.

What's New

15-Mar 2017

new web site

Our proven tests and tools now easier to use in a modern responsive web site.

Feedback: contact us

The old site is here

25-Mar 2017

NEW T's & C's

Easy to read Terms for Use of CheckTLS

01-Feb 2017

single screen

Most tests are faster and easier to use with Instructions, Inputs, and Results all on one screen.

15-Feb 2017


Batch testing is the same but creating and changing a Batch is much easier.

Batch syntax is checked, eliminating Batches that "just stop".

All new Batch Queue system: no more missing runs.

Results are available in real-time: watch your Batch run.

View your test Queue and estimated time of completion for each test.

Leave and come back to where you were.

Context sensitive Instructions on every screen.

03-Mar 2017

Script Telnet

We upgraded Script Telnet to:

  • be easier to use
  • add Do: binary mode
  • download results
  • handle end-of-line better

28-Feb 2017

Internet Packet Sniffer

We completely re-wrote Internet Packet Sniffer to:

  • handle binary data
  • download results
  • prevent you from getting locked out

20-Feb 2017


Email Monitoring webservice is the same but is now easier to get working and delivers more consistent results across different mixes of inputs.